SYTË was created by vocalist Nita Kaja and producer/synth player Drin Tashi; they met in Prishtina in the summer of 2016, developed a romantic relationship, and quickly understood the musical chemistry between them. When Fatlind Ferati (bass) and Granit Havolli (drums) came along, the duo became SYTË. Their debut was marked by the release of their self-titled EP in July of 2018. Since then, they have been touring and working on a second album which is set to be released sometime soon.

"Vor allem, wenn die Kompositionen dann so klingen, wie hier: Federleicht, mit starken Anleihen zu Funk und Jazz, mit eingängigen Refrains und unermüdlicher Energie." -

"SYTË's compositions sound like this: feathery, with strong bonds to funk and jazz, with catchy choruses and tireless energy." -

"Blending sugary vocals with dreamy, whimsical synths and buoyant drums that are tied together through sharp, electronic bass strings SYTË are the Prishtina-based band making sense of the cloudy metaphysical swamp that are our feelings." - OG Magazine

"Vocalist Nita Kaja shimmers in nostalgic attentions and invigorating understatements, rightfully bring the chemistry to a hard boil as her mates Drin Tashi, Fatlind Ferati, and Granit Havolli completes this fantastic chill sound. The band had debuted in 2018, and has been gaining fans where ever they go. You can hear why." - comeherefloyd

"If they used lead singer Nita Kaja’s voice for the recorded messages I hear on the NYC subway every morning, the world would be a much better place. I just get a real warm, melty feeling from it. Pair it up with the shimmering soundscapes courtesy of Drin Tashi, and you’re feeling neck-deep in the comfiest blanket this side of the Rio Grande.

 Hope that mess of a paragraph above gets across how well I think these two work together. It is so often that I see talented people who are missing that other half or are kind of mismatched. In this case, they just play off each other well." - The Family Reviews

"Ajo çka na tërheq më tepër është inspirimi që SYTË marrin nga romantizmi, ekzistencializmi, natyra, astrologjia dhe gama e gjerë e emocioneve njerëzore, por mbi të gjitha frymëzimi ndaj së bukurës." - Electronic Beats

"What attracts us most is the inspiration that SYTË receive from Romanticism, existentialism, nature, astrology and the wide range of human emotions, but above all the inspiration for beauty." - Electronic Beats

"Në mes të tingujve qetësues është zëri i mrekullueshëm i vokalistes Nita Kaja, që i përshtatet më së miri ëndrrës që ka dashur të përcjellë grupi." - pa limit

"Amid the soothing sounds is the wonderful voice of vocalist Nita Kaja, best suited to the dream the band wanted to convey." - pa limit

"When it comes to those smooth R&B, soul, dreamy love vibes, EP by SYTË has got you covered! Vocalist Nita Kaja’s voice will have you melting away. This EP contains five tracks. This is a great debut. The  production is solid and so is the songwriting." - The Music Below

SYTË - Making of "Nostalgia rocke"

"From the first song »Crying in the Club« through the closer »Nostalgia Rocket,« »EP« gathers jazz- and trip-hop-influenced neo-soul and R&B songs, telling the story of a summer in which two people get closer and closer to each other before splitting apart again. And then what? »EP« has the answer, as well as the question: which current Kosovar band is getting ready to conquer the world?" - Pop-Kultur

"Their cohesion and ability to create tracks like this is why I believe they have that self-awareness to not fall into that trap and to just feel the music." - Respect My Region

"Frontwoman keeps the summer vibes alive with this light and upbeat Kali Uchis-inspired release." - Mystic Sons

"Fronted by vocalist Nita Kaja, SYTË create dreamy pop music, tinged with soulful vocals and funky melodies. The four-piece band have only been going a short while but thanks to their eponymous debut EP, SYTË are quickly making a name for themselves." - LOCK Magazine

"It’s those dreamy vocals that keeps your summer vibes alive with their shimmering blend of neo-soul, pop and R&B jive!" - The Dutch Guy

"Dielli si yll që gjendet në qendër të sistemit solar, i rrethuar me planetë e yje, paraqet një konstelacion që reflektohet shumë mirë në muzikën e bendit më të ri të kryeqytetit, SYTË." - koha ditore

"The star at the center of our solar system, surrounded by planets and other stars, represents a constellation that is very well reflected in the music of the capital's newest band, SYTË." - koha ditore

"Pasi debutuan në korrik të këtij viti në skenë, anëtarët e rok-grupit SYTË, po vazhdojnë me publikimin e projekteve muzikore." - kult plus

"After debuting in July of this year, members of the band SYTË are continuing to release music projects."

- kult plus