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SYTË_(c)Lindita Kulla

Love at first sight created SYTË, New York City-based duo composed of Nita Kaja (singer) and Drin Tashi (producer/engineer). SYTË—meaning “eyes” in Albanian—write and produce their own music with the love they have for their craft, and each other.

Balanced contrast is what defines SYTË.

Extrovert and introvert, sun and moon, right and left brain—Nita and Drin’s opposing yet complementary natures inspire their complex sound. The duo has created their own colorful alloy of alternative R&B and art-pop, fusing captivating hooks with a laid-back indie style.
Their electrifying performances have landed them festival main stage slots such as Sunny Hill Festival, Pop-Kultur, and Manifesta Biennale, and club slots such as Baby's All Right, Elsewhere Zone 1, The Sultan Room, Knitting Factory, Pianos, Our Wicked Lady.


The duo's new EP, 'You Know That, Right?' follows the success of their single Yours For Life; it was spotlighted on Spotify playlists 'Fresh Finds’, ‘New Pop Picks’, and landed SYTË the cover of ‘Fresh Finds Pop’—marking the next exciting chapter in their musical journey.

Yours For LifeSYTË
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Bungee JumpingSYTË
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"SYTË’s new EP, “You Know That, Right?”, is a captivating musical journey that leaves a profound impact on anyone that listens." -

"The production from the band is top-notch and dynamic as the verses are stripped down while the chorus sections have more oomph as the layered arrangement comes to light at that juncture." - EARMILK

"Known for creating music which allows listeners to connect to their emotions and express them accurately, SYTË hope to change the landscape of modern pop music, bringing more honest and introspective songwriting to the table." - Ones To Watch


“Leaning on its universal coming-of-age themes, the track is propelled by gleaming synths, angelic vocals, and trancelike arrangements capturing a feeling you probably haven’t felt in quite sometime.” - The Line Of Best Fit

"Their newest offering as a duo “Sirena” delves into the darkness behind love, and fear of self-sabotage in romance. The sugary-sweet vocals of singer Nita Kaja meet with Drin Tashi’s well-honed producing for this art-pop track." - Notion



June 15, 2024

NXNE Festival

Toronto, Canada

July 24, 2024


New York, New York


48 concerts

  • Spotify

1,064,000 streams

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  • Apple Music

85,000 plays

Concert Highlights: Sunny Hill Festival, Pop-Kultur Berlin Festival, Baby's All Right, Elsewhere Zone 1, The Sultan Room, Our Wicked Lady, Pianos

Spotify Editorial: Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, New Pop Picks, Good Vibes

Apple Music Editorial: New In Pop, Breaking Pop, Lifted, Best New Music: Pop, Indie Around The World

Amazon Music Editorial: Breakthrough Pop, Brand New Music

Tidal Editorial: Chill Pop

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